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Friday, August 13, 2010

FREE Freelance T-Shirt design opportunity

DEADLINE: October 15, 2010

Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Crawford County has contacted us for another T-shirt design. I plan to make this a class assignment, but want to give everyone an opportunity. The only specifics I have are listed below. Adults will be wearing these shirts.

T-shirts should have the agency logo and indicate on the shirt that they are with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Crawford County. Ultimately there will be two versions of the same design, one for Brothers and one for Sisters:
Colors: Blue for Ask me about my Little Brother
Pink for Ask me about my Little Sister

I'm guessing the shirts will be white, and for budget purposes I suggest making the design 1 color. Bright pinks and blues would probably work best.

Please submit all designs as follows:
  • file name: your name_bbbs tshirt.pdf
  • Format: Illustrator file saved as PDF
  • Illustrator artboard size: 11 x 8.5
  • email to me:

Below is the GIT student design for their spring Tryathlon, which they loved! The primary audience for this design was the children who participated in the events. Graphics and Imaging student, Jerime Carpenter, designed the event logo and T-shirt graphic.

Also, this is the only version of their logo they provded:

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