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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Science and Chemistry....of Printing

Today was the day for a lot of math, science and chemistry. To quote Joe, our fearless leader, who has yet to appear on the blog....Brad Evans is the "Paper and Ink God" and I think we would all agree.

This is a sample from a court case where the ink company blamed the paper company and vice versa; Brad was called in for consultation and the results showed that the presses were not thoroughly cleaned between cover ink and insert ink. The wax/teflon in the cover ink caused the lovely effect from the friction of transporting the 1.5 million catalogs to be shipped.

The Paper and Ink God explain the different printing problems he's consulted on over the years.

Piling on a blanket

Lots of discussion about ISO standards from Greg. Especially ISO 12647.
A brief overview of gory printing accidents and why this industry is on Osha's hot list for amputee's. Then right before lunch, and excellent presentation from Julie Shaffer on internet communications. I have a very long list of links to provide from her presentation, but we will hear from her again on Friday, so I will wait and list them all together!

Tom has 25+ years in the industry, primarily as a pressman, but he gave us an excellent bindery/finishing demonstration. It was very refreshing to see someone with his years of expertise so excited about new technology.

We knew we were going to be on the press today, so an elite few of us purchased special aprons from dinner at the Hoffbrau.

Mark a.k.a. Phil from Massachusetts,
doesn't have an "r" in his's "Lobsta, riva, dinna"

This brand new installation was just up and running in time for a demonstration

Then we moved over to the press! We watched the entire process of printing the posters we proofed yesterday. Greg and Jim were extremely patient with us as a group. They explained all of the steps and gave us a chance to be as involved as we wanted to be.

I remember sitting at home in Pittsburg, KS, watching this episode with Blake, thinking, as I often do with these episodes....WHO EATS THAT! was me!

I cannot say enough positive things about this organization and this experience.

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