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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round 2 in Pittsburgh

Among everything else I learned today, one of the most exciting was that Pitt State has four scholarship recipients from PIA!

AM and FM Dot Pattern demonstration

As the sessions progress I find myself with a healthy list of resources I want to utilize and share! The following list has been covered thus far:
Font Management
Free Font Management for those without the cash for Suitcase
Green Printing
Web to Print Test Drive
Technical Association of Graphic Arts
Biodegradable Chips Packaging
Looking for a JOB? Post your resume FREE!

In class Preflight project. Red x indicates mistakes software will NOT find. Joe was able to provided us with a very thorough 2 page check list he uses. I will have this in PDF format, soon.

Yesterday we had a quick photo session where we each took a turn as model, photographer and editor. We then edited our photos, placed them in a template layout, which was placed in this poster template and today we made plates for it.

Dave discussing the RIP process

Looking under the hood of the Creo Trendsetter 800/Quantum

By the end of the day, I had pages of notes to share with you, but it's late so I'm just going to hit the highlights! It was definitely an acronym day. Instead of Snap, Crackle, Pop, they use a method referred to as SWOP, GRACL (General Requirements in the Application of Commercial Lithography), SNAP (Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Publications)

1 bit Tiff on the RIP = IRS (Interpreted, Rasterized, Screened)

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