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This blog is dedicated to the students of our Graphics and Imaging Technologies Department at Pittsburg State University. It is a space for our students to collaborate, communicate, create and commend the work of their peers. Feel free to comment and by all means compliment their work. The list of student blogs are categorized by course and were customized during class. Our Digital File Preparation student blogs are focusing on communication skills, where the Web Site Design class is focused more on design.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Portfolio Suggestions

Excerpt from You the Designer: The One Page Graphic Design Portfolio Guide
Tips for Creating a One Page Graphic Design Portfolio
1. Register your own domain and get a paid hosting plan, don’t try and use any free services
2. Keep the layout of the site simple, but don’t be afraid to let some of your personal design style out
3. Find the right balance between low file size and quality for your images
4. Make your contact information easy to find at the top of the site
5. Write a brief 2-3 sentence bio about yourself to personalize the site
6. Link to a downloadable PDF version of your resume that is under 2mb in size
7. Don’t add an excessive number of items to your graphic design portfolios, twelve or so pieces should be fine, but you could go a little higher or lower
8. Add a case study (brief description) under each project
9. Validate your websites CSS and XHTML
10. Do not put any Google ads or other advertisements on your portfolio site

Check out their site for more helpful suggestions. 

I would also suggest you add either a For Creative Commons or Copyright statement to your blog since you are displaying your own work.

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