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Friday, March 5, 2010

Award Winning Students

The Joplin Ad Club hosted their 2009-2010 ADDY Awards on Saturday, February 27. There were 234 entries from 26 different designers/companies. It gives me great pleasure report that Pittsburg State University was well represented at this event and walked away with a total of 15 of these awards.

Christel Benson and Kendra Leikam posing with EVERYONE'S awards. The two big ones were awarded to students Kendra and Jerime Carpenter.

These are shots from the entries displayed before the event.

Christel Benson, Salman Alkhulif, Jerime Carpenter, and Kendra Leikam (not pictured: Siu Ning Man)

The Joplin Globe ran a story on all of the event winners.

Christel Benson, received two gold and two silver
  • Our Graduates Know Their Business ad campaign
  • Casie Hermansson Loves Kid Lit Business Card
  • Mt. Carmel – Protect Your Hills T-shirt
  • Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce Women of Distinction Calendar (Blake, Don Runyon, PittCraft Printing)

Kendra Leikam, two gold, two silver, and a Special Judge's Award
  • CD package design for Advanced Page Layout
  • Photo Seminar poster
  • Digitally enhanced photography
  • Bic Layout

Salman Alkhulif, one gold, two silver
  • Self-promotion Website
  • EID Poster
  • No Smoking poster

Siu Ning Man, one silver; package design for Advanced Page Layout
  • Only for Child candy packaging for Advanced Page Layout

Jerime Carpenter, one gold Special Judge’s Award
  • CD package design for Advanced Page Layout

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